Trekking Tamil Nadu, located in the southern part of India, is a state known for its rich cultural heritage, beautiful temples, and pristine beaches.

However, it also offers some great trekking opportunities for adventure enthusiasts. Here are some of the best places for trekking in Tamil Nadu:


The Nilgiri hills are a mountain range located in the western part of Tamil Nadu.

It offers several trekking trails that take you through dense forests, rolling hills, and picturesque tea plantations.

The Mukurthi Peak trek and the Kotagiri trek are two popular treks in the Nilgiris.


Kolli Hills Trekking:

Kolli Hills is a small mountain range located in the eastern part of Tamil Nadu.

The Agaya Gangai Waterfalls trek and the Seekuparai trek are two popular treks in the region.

These treks offer breathtaking views of waterfalls, dense forests, and the surrounding hills.



Yelagiri is a small hill station located in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu.

The Swamimalai trek and the Jalagamparai Waterfalls trek are two popular treks in Yelagiri.

These treks take you through dense forests, and rocky terrain, and offer stunning views of the surrounding hills.



Kodaikanal is a popular hill station located in the southern part of Tamil Nadu.

The Perumal Peak trek and the Dolphin’s Nose trek are two popular treks in Kodaikanal.

These treks offer breathtaking views of the surrounding hills, valleys, and lakes.



Courtallam is a small town located in the western part of Tamil Nadu and is known for its waterfalls.

The Courtallam trek takes you through dense forests, waterfalls, and offers stunning views of the surrounding hills.

Grass Hills (Near Valparai) :

The landscape is surrounded by high green grasses on mountain slopes, providing visitors with a mesmerizing experience. Viewing the sunset over the hills is an unforgettable experience.

Visitors to Grass Hills can witness the beauty and ambiance of a pristine green ecosystem and astonishing views of the hill and forest entwined as one.


Nandi Hills is a beautiful hill station located in the Chikkaballapur district of the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

It is situated about 60 km from the capital city of Bangalore and is a popular weekend getaway destination for locals and tourists alike.

Sathuragiri Hill Trek :

The Sathuragiri Hill trek is a highly revered pilgrimage in Southern Tamil Nadu, known for its spiritual significance and challenging terrain.

This trekking trail is situated within the Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary and is also a part of the UNESCO Western Ghats World Heritage Site.

Puliyancholai Falls :

Puliancholai falls, located at the foothills of Kolli Hills, is a stunning terrace waterfall that appears to be a stream of water cascading through rocky terrain.

This picturesque waterfall is surrounded by a dense forest region, making it an ideal destination for trekking and other adventurous activities.
Two resorts are located near the falls, providing comfortable accommodation for visitors. The forests surrounding Puliancholai are also home to several medicinal herbs, adding to the charm of the place


Sanjeevani Hills, a part of Sirumalai Hills in Tamil Nadu, has a legendary story attached to it.
It is said that Lord Hanuman, while searching for a certain herb to cure Lord Laxman, took the entire hill with him.
On his way back , a piece of the hill fell down here, and it came to be known as Sanjeevani Hills.

Chembra Peak :

Chembra Peak, located south of Kalpetta township in Wayanad, is a popular trekking spot known for its stunning backdrop. It offers a challenging trekking trail that takes about 4 hours to reach the top, but the breathtaking view from the peak makes it all worthwhile.

If you need a break along the way, you can relax and unwind at the heart-shaped lake, which is a charming and peaceful spot.



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In conclusion, Tamil Nadu offers several trekking opportunities that are suitable for all levels of experience. The state’s natural beauty, coupled with its rich cultural heritage, makes it an ideal destination for adventure enthusiasts. So, pack your bags and head out for an unforgettable trekking experience in Tamil Nadu.



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